Laieta Busts Another Player

  • Big Stax XXI 500 9:05 PM
  • Level 29 (50000/100000/15000)
  • Total Entries: 967
  • Players Left: 8
  • Next Payout: $9,095
chris laieta
Chris Laieta, Day 3 Level 29

Divakar Marella had 3.78M coming into Level 29 but lost an unfortunate hand against Jason Ritchie to fall to under 20 big blinds. He had 1.4M remaining when he open shoved from middle position. Action folded to Laieta in the small blind, who made the call. The big blind folded and they tabled their hands.

Laieta A♠A♣ vs Marella A♥7♥ Pot: ~3M

Board: 8♥5♦4♣Q♠10♣

Marella picked up a sweat with a potential straight and back door flush but bricked out on both. Laieta continued to pick off stacks with premium hands and is cruising at the top of the standings with ~10M.

Divakar Marella finishes in 9th place for $7,211.