Krapivin Very Active

  • Big Stax XXI 500 10:50 PM
  • Level 30 (60000/120000/20000)
  • Total Entries: 967
  • Players Left: 6
  • Next Payout: $15,433

Pavel Krapivin has been fairly active since the last elimination and won a couple of key spots.

First hand, he got raised a river bet from David McConachie on a 3♥5♣Q♠9♠J♠ board after McConachie had kept the lead on every street. McConachie instantly folded to the raise sending the ~3M chip pot Krapivin’s direction.

A little while later, Krapivin triple barreled Chris Laieta and earned the fold on the river. The board read 5♣K♣6♥9♥8♠ and Krapivin had fired 350k/550k/2M on the flop turn and river. Laieta, who had position in the hand, was not able to call the last bet. Krapivin grabbed another ~2.7M uncontested.

Krapivin now has ~12.8M and is currently involved in another pot, his third in a row.