First To Go

  • Big Stax XXI 500 1:20 PM
  • Level 25 (20000/40000/5000)
  • Total Entries: 967
  • Players Left: 23
  • Next Payout: $2,894
eugene kotlyarevskiy
Eugene Kotlyarevskiy, Big Stax 500 Day 2

Eugene Kotlyarevskiy has been eliminated in 24th place for $2,894.

Kotlyarevskiy had 630k left after losing a big chunk of his starting stack by doubling up Ritchie in the opening moments of Day 3. He got in his remaining stack about an hour later against Kenny Lay. Lay would be at risk of being short were he to lose the pot having ~300k behind.

Lay A♠10♣ vs Kotlyarevskiy 10♠7♠ Pot: ~1.4M

Board: 4♦J♣3♦9♥Q♦

Kotlyarevskiy made a stand with his short-stack and ran into a dominating hand from Lay. Lay now has ~1.7M after starting Day 3 with 600k.