Tough Table Forming

  • Big Stax XXI 500 7:05 PM
  • Level 22 (10000/20000/3000)
  • Total Entries: 967
  • Players Left: 57
  • Average Stack: 678,000
jay casey
Jay Casey, Day 2 Level 21

Jay Casey has 1.175M heading into the post-dinner stint of play. Casey is a former runner-up in a Big Stax 300 that was won by Travis Hartshorn (also in the field).

Josias Dos Santos
Josias Dos Santos, Day 2 Level 21

Josias Santos was right behind Jay Casey with 1.04M after the dinner break. The introduction is no longer necessary so let’s take a look at just how this table is set up. Four of the top 10 stacks are sitting together on Table 47. The two mentioned players as well as Alex Moreira and Chris Laieta. Those are just the big stacks as Kevin Grabel and Chris Larrea are also in that orbit fighting to join the lead pack. Someone from this table is going to emerge with a ton of chips and it will be a key spot to keep an eye on for the remainder of Day 2 play.