Leventhal Trying To Climb Back

  • Big Stax XXI 500 7:55 PM
  • Level 22 (10000/20000/3000)
  • Total Entries: 967
  • Players Left: 50
  • Average Stack: 773,000

For the sake of getting into some hands now that the tournament is getting deep into Day 2, let’s look at how Barry Leventhal doubled up.

Action folded to Sean Kline, who was the chip-leader coming into Day 2, and he opened to 40k (~400k stack). Leventhal was in the small blind and shipped it for 226k total, 11 big blinds. Kline immediately called to put Leventhal at risk as well as most of his own stack.

Leventhal 6♣7♣ vs Kline A♠J♣ Pot: ~500k

Board: 5♥5♠Q♦3♥4♦

Leventhal had two live cards and caught a great run-out for his hand making a straight. Kline is now crippled with less than ten big blinds.