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Chris Laieta, Day 1C Level 14

Chris Laieta is now among the leaders with ~450k after getting some value in back to back pots.

A villain in the cutoff opened the pot to 8k and was 3-bet by Laieta on the button to 22k. The call was made to see a flop heads-up.

Flop: 8♣2♥3♦ Pot: 52k

Villain checked. Laieta bet 20k and was called.

Turn: 4♦ Pot: 92k


River: J♣

Villain checked for a third time and faced a bet of 35k from Laieta. The call was made and Laieta showed the J♥10♠ for a river’ed top pair. That was enough to receive the muck and drag a 162k pot.

On the very next hand, Laieta was at it again winning his cutoff with A4o on a scary board. Laieta had flopped trips and once again went for some small value on the end which was paid off.


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