Early Leader-board

  • Big Stax XXI 500 4:15 PM
  • Level 7 (300/600/100)
  • Day 1B Entries: 160
  • Total Entries: 419
anthony elmo
Anthony Elmo, Day 1B Level 7

Anthony Elmo is the perfect example of a local grinder. He has 11 career cashes totaling $17k in earnings but they all come in Big Stax events. His best finish in the 500 Main Event is 51st for $1932 and his best overall came in a Big Stax 1100, 26th for $4,177. Elmo has worked up a stack of 176k through six levels and currently has the chip-lead. He will look to bag another playable stack by night’s end and eventually get over the hump and make a Big Stax Final Table.

Here’s the rest of the leader-board:

  1. Jeffrey Hong 135k
  2. JR Marquette 129k
  3. Dan Alfano 123k
  4. Michael Melamed 120k
  5. Steve Ricchini 115k