Top 5 Post-Dinner

  • Big Stax XXI 500 7:45 PM
  • Level 10 (600/1200/200)
  • Day 1A Entries: 222

The flight is led by an anonymous player, Ezra, who has amassed 365k through nine levels. That leaves him with ~300 big blinds, an incredibly deep stack for this stage of the event. If he holds on to that amount or better for the remaining levels, Ezra would bag well above the average, an enviable position to be in.

Some familiar faces are also at the top as Besnik Islami (215k) and Maksim Serebrinskiy (213k) have already been featured. Ryan Pochedly slipped into the Top 5 as well with 213k.

alex moreira
Alex Moreira, Day 1A Level 10

Alex Moreira is the new face at the top of the standings and just cracks the Top 5 with 193k. Moreira will hope to parlay his ~160 big blind stack into a bag after the home stretch on Day 1A is complete.