Crushers Getting Stacks

  • Big Stax XXI 500 11:35 PM
  • Level 14 (1500/3000/3400)
  • Day 1A Entries: 258

The tournament will get tougher for everyone if the better players succeed at building stacks on Day 1. These three players need no introduction but they are all over 300k and towards the top of the field late in the day.

Kevin Grabel
Kevin Grabel, Day 1A Level 14

Grabel has ~380k and is temporarily the chip-leader. He is fresh off of an 11th place finish in the Big Stax 1100 and is one of the most profitable players to regular this series.

ryan pochedly
Ryan Pochedly, Day 1A Level 14

Pochedly is at ~330k and has been steady all evening. He is also coming off of a deep run in the 1100, making it all the way to 4th before getting knocked out. Pochedly is one of the most consistent Big Stax winners and is a threat to go deep once again.

Josias Dos Santos
Josias Dos Santos, Day 1A Level 14

WPTDeepstacks Player of the Series for Big Stax XX Josias Dos Santos has ~320k and is the last of the three excellent players to make the list. These guys will continue to pressure over the last level and see if they can increase their stack further before putting it in a bag for Day 2 play.