McKeehen Has Somewhere To Be

  • Big Stax XXI 1100 5:45 PM
  • Level 27 (30000/60000/10000)
  • Total Entries: 447
  • Players Remaining: 3
  • Next Payout: $43,784
ryan pochedly
Ryan Pochedly, Big Stax 1100 Day 3

Ryan Pochedly is eliminated in 4th place for $32,051.

Joe McKeehen opened his button and was shoved on by Pochedly in the small blind for ~1.5M, just over 20 big blinds. McKeehen, now having over 12M in chips, made the call to put Pochedly at risk.

Pochedly A♠Q♠ vs McKeehen A♣10♦ Pot: ~3.1M

Board: 4♣A♥3♥3♦10♣

McKeehen finds another bink to eliminate Pochedly in 4th. He is running through this final table like he has plans as the field is now three handed in under four hours.