Down To Two

  • Big Stax XXI 1100 5:55 PM
  • Level 27 (30000/60000/10000)
  • Total Entries: 447
  • Players Remaining: 2
  • 1st: $106,126 2nd: $67,107
robert paventi
Robert Paventi, Big Stax 1100 Day 3

Robert Paventi is eliminated in 3rd place for $43,784.

Robert Paventi open shoved ~2M as the button at the three handed table. Travis Greenawalt made the call to put him at risk.

Greenawalt A♥Q♥ vs Paventi A♠10♥ Pot: ~4.1M

Board: 3♦A♦8♣5♣9♠

Both players flop an Ace but Paventi would need to find his 3-outer. It wasn’t meant to be and there are now just two players remaining. Heads-up battle starting soon.