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Schindler’s Fall

Yaacov Schindler, Big Stax 1100 Day 2

Yaacov Schindler has had a commanding chip-lead for some time but in just two hands he has been crippled.

The first was against Kane Kalas in an all-in pre-flop confrontation. Schindler opened, Kalas 3-bet, and Schindler 4-bet big to ~300k. Kalas shoved his stack of ~800k and was called. The two players were off to the races.

Kalas A♣K♣ vs Schindler 10♥10♦

The flop came Ten high with one club giving Schindler a massive lead. Kalas survived after runner-runner clubs hit and he scored a full double through Schindler.

Next up was a hand against Adam Levitan. On the turn, with ~600k in the middle, Schindler shoved into Levitan on the J♦2♦8♠4♣ board. Schindler was instantly called for 906k, which left him just a few hundred thousand behind.

Levitan 2♠2♥ vs Schindler 10♦6♦ Pot: ~2.4M

The river brought a 5♣ and Levitan doubles up. Schindler’s commanding chip-lead is now gone and he will have to work from the bottom of the pack for the time being.

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