Perez Next To Go, Schindler Follows

  • Big Stax XXI 1100 11:10 PM
  • Level 23 (12000/24000/4000) 
  • Total Entries: 447
  • Players Remaining: 19
  • Average Stack: 1,176,000
jeremy perez
Jeremy Perez, Day 2 Level 23

Jeremy Perez was down to just under 10 big blinds and shoved A8o from under the gun at a 7 handed table. The small bland, Aaron Olshan, woke up with AxAx and made the call. Perez picked up a small sweat with the gut-shot but bricked the turn and river.

Jeremy Perez is eliminated in 21st place for $3,529. Aaron Olshan is up to ~700k.

The crippled Yaacov Schindler was just eliminated in 20th place. He receives $3,529 for his efforts and the field is now one elimination from the second re-draw of the night.