Parks Leads Deepest Table

  • Big Stax XXI 1100 12:15 PM
  • Level 16 (2500/5000/500)
  • Total Entries: 446
  • Players Remaining: 108
  • Average Stack: 208,000
alex parks
Alexander Parks, Day 2 Level 16

Alexander Parks starts Day 2 with 431k and is seated at the deepest table in the field, Table 54. His table will be the 4th table to break and they will be set to play at least a couple of levels together. Parks is looking to add another big score this year after finding his 1st major win in February. Parks took 4th in a stand-alone Almighty Stack at Borgata for $35,468 which makes up the majority of his $39k in career earnings.

Also at Parks’s table, Rotislav Shetman (430k), Alberto Sabogali (311k), Mark Dinallo (395k), and Andrew Wu (344k), make up the deepest rotation in the tournament area as each of these players is more than 50 big blinds deep.