One Table Down

  • Big Stax XXI 1100 12:45 PM
  • Level 16 (2500/5000/500)
  • Total Entries: 446
  • Players Remaining: 99
  • Average Stack: 225,000

The first table just broke leaving 12 tables remaining in action. Entry is still open for another 15 minutes.

travis greenawalt
Travis Greenawalt, Day 2 Level 16

Travis Greenawalt is off to a quick start on another one of the deepest tables to start the day. Greenawalt came in with 333k and already has ~520k in under an hour. Some of that probably came from start of the day chip-leader, Paul Spitzberg. Spitzberg came in with 626k but had already lost a chunk of his stack in the first few hands. Also at the table are Aaron Mermelstein (98k), Eric Rivkin (149k), Adam White (370k) and Ed Walsh (245k), making it one of the more challenging spots in the field for Greenawalt.