Spitzberg Over 400k

  • Big Stax XXI 1100
  • Level 15 (2000/4000/500)
  • Day 1A Entries: 193
paul spitzberg
Paul Spitzberg, Day 1A Level 15

The last level of the night is bringing some frantic action around the room. Paul Spitzberg has benefited nicely and is now sitting with ~435k, over 100 big blinds during this final level.

Spitzberg just picked up 75k of that after hitting a 5-outer against his opponent. They saw a flop of J♥6♦4♦ and Spitzberg faced a bet of 13.5k. He raised it to 30k and his opponent quickly moved in for ~75k total. Spitzberg quickly made the call only to see his A♠6♥ behind the K♥J♠ of his opponent. The A♦ fell on the turn leaving his opponent drawing to just 2 outs which did not hit on the end.

Spitzberg has been active so far this year with five cashes but no major scores. He looks to the Big Stax 1100 to add a big chunk to his $758k in career earnings and will most likely be finding a bag in just a few minutes when Day 1A comes to a close.