Pelberg Joins Tough Group

  • Big Stax XXI 1100 5:30 PM
  • Level 8 (400/800/100)
  • Day 1B Entries: 171
  • Total Entries: 366
rich pelberg
Rich Pelberg, Day 1B Level 8

Rich Pelberg is sandwiched in between a group of great players but is outpacing them midway through Day 1B. He has ~170k and is grinding it out with Kevin Grabel, Kane Kalas, Arash Oboodi, Matt Zambanini and Thai Ha. Zambanini is the other big stack at the table and is approaching 200k directly to Perlbeg’s left. Time will tell if Pelberg can maintain his momentum at the very tough table but for now he is sitting with over 200 big blinds and a ton of play left.