Local Grinder Chips Up

  • Big Stax XXI 1100 10:00 PM
  • Level 12 (1000/2000/300)
  • Day 1B Entries: 219
  • Total Entries: 414
mario diliberto
Mario Diliberto, Day 1B Level 12

Mario Diliberto survived a very tough table and has been dispersed into the field with ~260k. He now has a new rotation to work with which includes Kevin Grabel and Matt Zambanini to his left.

Diliberto doesn’t have many tournament cashes on his resume but has been taking his shots here at Parx. He recently was tantalizingly close to a Final Table in the Big Stax XX 1500 a few months ago. He finished in 13th place for $10,052 and a taste of the endgame play. That makes up the majority of his $16.5k in career earnings that span just three cashes.