Level 6 Update

  • Big Stax XXI 1100 2:10 PM
  • Level 6 (250/500/100)
  • Day 1B Entries: 142
  • Total Entries: 337

The blogger is in the building and is looking at 13 open tables in the field. So far, today is running just ahead of Day 1A’s pace. That is slightly unusual for a Saturday flight but there is still plenty of time for players to show up on Day 1B.

In total, 41 players have already advanced to Day 2 and ~20% of today’s flight will find a bag around 1 AM. The average stack from Day 1A was 237k, nearly 5x the starting stack, and will be a good goal for any player to reach throughout the opening levels of the event.

During the color-up break there will be a chance to identify some early leaders. On Day 1A, the largest stack after six levels was ~150k. The deeper structure tends to slow things down a bit early as there is plenty of stack to work with. We will see soon enough if anyone has done better today and if so, who they are.