First Stack Over 300k

  • Big Stax XXI 1100 11:00 PM
  • Level 13 (1200/2400/300)
  • Day 1B Entries: 229
  • Total Entries: 424
andrew wu
Andrew Wu, Day 1B Level 13

Andrew Wu is the first player to cross the 300k threshold and stacked up ~380k after winning a nice pot. He is sitting to the immediate left of Zhenjie Hou and Joseph Smith who were featured earlier but is now the leader at that table.

Wu has just one cash on his score-sheet and it comes in the August 2016 Big Stax 300. That was only a min-cash but he is back in the tournament area for another shot at making it deep. Currently, he has the best chance of doing so in this flight, but things are going to be changing rapidly during the largest blinds of the session.