Level 6 Update

  • Big Stax XXI 1100
  • Level 6 (250/500/100)
  • Day 1A Entries: 126

Sixteen new entries over the last hour and the field can expect a steady stream from now until the post-dinner break rush. There are thirteen tables up and running and a slew of familiar faces around the room. The break after Level 6 will be the opportunity to feature some early leaders and establish a pace for the later portion of Day 1A.

This event starts with a 50k stack and is the deepest of the three Big Stax events. Buying in this minute offers up a 100 big blind stack and you may continue to enter until the starting stack is just 10 big blinds on Day 2. That is the sort of flexibility required to give many different people an opportunity to head out and participate in a major tournament here at the Parx Poker Room.

The blog will be providing live coverage for the duration of Day 1 play. Stay tuned until the bags come out around 1 AM.