Holguin Chunks Johnson

  • Big Stax 300 Main Event
  • Level 35 (200000/400000/50000)
  • Total Entries: 1785
  • Players Left: 4
  • Next Payout: $26,912

Gerald Johnson opened to 1M from under the gun and was called by Greg Fishberg on the button. Alvaro Holguin 3-bet from the small blind to 3.3M getting Joe Palma out. Johnson made the call and Fishberg let them battle heads-up.

Flop: A♣5♣4♣ Pot: 8.2M

Holguin moved all-in and Johnson folded leaving himself ~4.3M. Holguin takes just under half of his stack on the very first hand of Level 35. Johnson moved in the next hand to recover some of his loss but remains the shortest stack.