Johnson Won’t Go Away

  • Big Stax 300 Main Event
  • Level 30 (60000/120000/20000)
  • Total Entries: 1785
  • Players Left: 13
  • Next Payout: $4,222

Gerald Johnson came back from break in 12th out of 13 remaining players, 880k in chips. He immediately doubled through Greg Fishberg to revitalize his betting arsenal. A couple of hands later, he opens from under the gun to 325k and gets a shove from Steve Ricchini on the button for 2.2M total. Johnson immediately slides his chips in the middle when the action is back on him (1.72M total).

Johnson A♦A♠ vs Ricchini 4♠4♣ Pot: 3.74M

Board: J♦7♣10♦Q♥2♣

Ricchini is left crippled after the hand with ~500k. Johnson makes another massive comeback and now has 3.74M.