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Holguin Brings First KO

Greg Clark, Big Stax 300 Day 2

Greg Clark was the first to go at the Final Table.

The action started with a limp on the button from Eric Doerr. Clark completed the small blind and Alvaro Holguin checked his option.

Flop: 2♦J♠4♦ Pot: 700k

Checked around.

Turn: 3♦

Clark checked. Holguin bet enough to get Doerr out and was then raised by Clark to 725k. Holguin called and they went heads-up to the end.

River: J♥ Pot: 2.15M

Clark continued on the end with a bet of 600k. Holguin shoved for 2.5M total and was called quickly.

Holguin 3♠3♣ vs Clark 10♦8♦ Pot: 7.15M

Holguin had hit a set on the turn and was fortunate to fill on the river against Clark’s flush. The hand played incredibly passive on the early streets and then exploded on the turn and river as both players made very strong hands. Clark was left with ~200k and was taken out on the very next hand.

Greg Clark is eliminated in 10th place for $5,392.

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