Eliminations Coming Fast

  • Big Stax 300 Main Event
  • Level 27 (30000/60000/10000)
  • Total Entries: 1785
  • Players Left: 24
  • Next Payout: $2,747
pete lin
Pete Lin, Day 3 Level 27

Pete Lin came into Day 3 as one of the short stacks with just over 10 big blinds. He outlasted a few players before getting it in with 9♣9♠ vs A♥K♦. The board ran out 4♣6♠A♠Q♦Q♥ and he was eliminated by Ed O’Brien.

Pete Lin is eliminated in 25th for $2,747.

daniel uceda
Daniel Uceda, Big Stax 300 Day 2

Daniel Uceda was next to go after getting it in with AxQx against Joe Hanrahan’s AxKx. He found no help from the board and after coming into Day 3 with 1.93M, over 30 big blinds, is out of the event.

Daniel Uceda is eliminated in 24th for $2,747.

bill parker
Bill Parker, Big Stax 300 Day 2

Bill Parker spent most of Day 2 as one of the chip-leaders but after coming into Day 3 with 2.7M is out of the event. Eric Doerr opened the pot from middle position and was shoved on by Parker out of the small blind for 1.2M. Doerr made the call to put him at risk.

Doerr Q♠Q♣ vs A♦4♥ Pot: ~2.5M

The board brought no help for Parker after shoving in his 20 big blind stack against the big stack open. Doerr scores another KO and is on a big heater to start Day 3.

Bill Parker is eliminated in 23rd for $2,747.