Bubble Bursts

  • Big Stax 300 Main Event
  • Level 30 (60000/120000/20000)
  • Total Entries: 1785
  • Players Left: 10
  • Next Payout: $5,392

The bubble took a significant chunk of time as players tightened up for the critical short-handed portion of the event. In the end, it was Eric Doerr who burst the bubble by knocking out Brian Denight.

Eric Doerr opened to 275k from under the gun at the 6-handed table. Denight moved all-in for 1.22M total. Action folded back to Doerr and after having the initial raise pulled in, he determined he had to make the call.

Doerr K♠10♣ vs Denight A♠9♠ Pot: 2.74M

Board: K♥K♣2♦6♥8♠

Doerr had the pot locked up on the turn after hitting a huge flop to come from behind. Denight had a roller-coaster ride on Day 3 and falls just short of a Final Table appearance, he finishes in 11th place for $5,392.