Doerr Wins Huge Pot From Nuon

  • Big Stax 300 Main Event
  • Level 23 (12000/24000/4000)
  • Total Entries: 1785
  • Players Left: 55
  • Average Stack: 973,000
eric doerr
Eric Doerr, Day 2 Level 23

Vanna Nuon opened the pot from early position and was called by Eric Doerr in the big blind to make it heads-up to the flop.

Flop: 7♥10♦3♦ Pot: ~150k

Doerr checked. Nuon bet 80k and was check/raised to 320k total by Doerr. Nuon made the call.

Turn: K♠ Pot: ~790k

Doerr bet out 359k and was called.

River: 4♣ Pot: ~1.51M

Doerr bet out 320k and was called again. He showed the 10♣10♠ for a flopped top-set and received the muck after a few moments of re-checking the board from Nuon. After the hand, Doerr has ~2.5M after scooping one of the largest pots of the event.

Doerr has been on a huge tear since his table broke just before Level 23. In the process of reporting this hand, he just stacked another player and has moved over the 3M chip mark, the chip-leader of the event. He has a ton of experience on how to use those chips as well, having racked up just over $500k in career cashes.