Five Way All-In

  • Big Stax 300 Main Event
  • Level 8 (400/800/100)
  • Day 1D Entries: 516
  • Total Entries: 1551
Kevin Bressler
Kevin Bressler, Day 1D Level 8

Kevin Bressler just took the biggest share of a crazy 5-way all-in. All of the action happened pre-flop and the hands looked like this:

Villain 1 8♠8♣ vs Bressler A♦K♣ vs Villain 2 Q♦Q♣ vs John Nguyen K♠Q♠ vs Villain 3 7♥8♦

That is in order of biggest to shortest stack. The board ran out K♦7♠10♠J♠2♦ giving Bressler two side pots worth ~100k and John Nguyen the main and one side pot worth ~80k. Nguyen is lucky to get that big of a piece considering how dominated he was by two of the hands. Bressler managed to win the flip against two pairs and still makes out very well in the pot.