Level 6 Update

  • Big Stax 300 Main Event
  • Level 6 (250/500/50)
  • Day 1C Entries: 289
  • Total Entries: 886

There are many familiar faces around the room for what is the biggest turnout for Day 1 yet.They will all be chasing Day 1A chip-leader John Attanasio (553k) and Day 1B pace-setter Samir Charwa (506k). With more chips in play than the previous two flights, there is a good chance a new chip-leader will emerge from today’s flight.

Level 6 is just getting started and the field is approaching 300 entries early in today’s session. There are 24 tables currently in action and it will be another hour so before it starts to break down. The blog will start by finding some big stacks during the color-up break after Level 6 and settle in for nine more levels of Big Stax 300 action.