Piacitelli Makes a Good Call

  • Big Stax 300 Main Event
  • Level 9 (500/1000/100)
  • Day 1B Entries: 255
  • Total Entries: 546
harry piacitelli
Harry Piacitelli, Day 1B Level 9

Harry Piacitelli is primarily a tournament player over at Chester having racked up his two largest scores there. He has $84k in live earnings and some moderate success here at Parx. He has cashed both the 300 and 500 Main Events but looks to go much deeper this weekend and add a big score from Parx to his resume.

Piacitelli is now up to ~180k after taking a nice pot off of Vinny Papandrea.

Papandrea limped in from early position and Piacitelli raised to 2500 from middle position. The button came along as well as Papandrea for a three-way confrontation.

Flop: 8♦5♣8♠ Pot: 9.8k

Papandrea checked. Piacitelli continued with a bet of 4500 getting the button to fold. Papandrea came along with a call.

Turn: 6♣ Pot: 18.8k


River: 7♦

Papandrea took the lead on the river with a bet of 4500. Piacitelli made the call after a few moments to find out that he barely had notched Papandrea.

Piacitelli A♠J♠ vs Papandrea A♦10♠ Pot: 27.8k