Charwa Still Near the Top

  • Big Stax 300 Main Event
  • Level 11 (800/1600/200)
  • Day 1B Entries: 285
  • Total Entries: 576

The post-dinner rush is coming to an end and the field is now at 285 runners for the session making 300 hundred a very reasonable number to hit for Day 1B.

sammy charwa
Sammy Charwa, Day 1B Level 11

Sammy Charwa was in the Top 5 heading into Level 10 and maintained that position over the 45-minute stretch. He currently has ~190k and leads the way at a table with Matt Zambanini, John Yanni, and early chip-leader Eric Suarez. That makes up a very deep table which could produce one of the leaders by night’s end.

Charwa has a fairly short list of career cashes with the exception of being one of the remaining 20 players who were involved in the frozen tournament at Borgata. That incident was due to counterfeit chips being introduced into play and resulted in one of the most high profile tournament incidents on the East Coast. Charwa has right at $10k in live earnings but had that tournament played out he could have made a much larger, career defining score.