Lin Flops a Set

Level 9 (500/1000/100)

Day 1A Entries: 252

pete lin.JPG
Pete Lin, Day 1A Level 9

Pete Lin just moved up to the top of the leader-board after getting a nice pot off of Neil Murphy.

Lin opened the pot from the button to 2100 and Murphy defended his big blind.

Flop: 7♥9♥10♥ Pot: 5400

Murphy took the lead with a bet of 4200 and was called by Lin.

Turn: 3♠ Pot: 13.8k

Murphy continued on the turn with a bet of 7k and was quickly called.

River: 9♦ Pot: 27.8k

Murphy checked and faced a quick bet of 25k from Lin. Murphy made the call after a few moments of deliberation and was shown the 7♦7♠ for a river’ed full house. Lin drags the 77.8k pot and moves close to 200k with dinner break just around the corner.