Fishberg Chipping Up

Level 7 (300/600/100)

Day 1A Entries: 223

Greg Fishberg did not top the field after the most recent break but over the course of Level 7, he has moved well up the leader-board. After a confrontation with Matt Gulliford, Fishberg has eclipsed 100k…

John Alesi opened the pot from under the gun and was 3-bet by Fishberg on the button to 4300. Gulliford, from the small blind, 4-bet to 11,500 and was called by only Fishberg.

Flop: Q♥5♦9♠ Pot: ~25k

Gulliford led out 10.5k and was called by Fishberg.

Turn: 10♦ Pot: ~46k


River: 3♣

Check/check once again and after a slight delay from Gulliford, Fishberg went ahead and revealed his 6♥5♥ for a pair. That was good enough to take the pot (46.5k) and Fishberg joins the top of the field.

Some other notables that will look to catch up at some point on Day 1 include Eric Rivkin, Ryan McKnight, Kevin Grabel, James Gilbert and Sundiata Devore among many other familiar faces in the room for Day 1A.